Thursday, March 29, 2012


Waking up early is not a part of my balanced breakfast, so when Quaint informed me that we were going to trawl yard sales I groaned, dragged my carcass out of bed and said we could head out at 9:30.  Five minutes later she asked, “How about a compromise...we leave at 9:15?”

“Compromise this!” I cried, pulling on shoes, grabbing keys, wallet and phone and storming out the door.  “Goodbye Husky!”  I patted him on the head, briefly berated him for existing, and before I could process the morning’s events I found myself in the car with Quaint bouncing up and down, grinning like a maniac in the driver’s seat.

“Which way should I take?” she asked.  “I was thinking THIS way.”

“I was thinking
THAT way.”

THAT Way,” the GPS intoned.

“Really,” I said, “either way is probably more or less the same.”

“No no,” Quaint said, “I’ve been outvoted.”

“I didn’t know the GPS got a vote.”

Post-Singularity Historians would later determine that simple act of giving that humble GPS enabled phone the vote is what would prevent a human/machine war.  But that is a story for another time.

The trip was going poorly.

We hit three yard sales.  One was a bunch of old person furniture and a chainsaw.  Another didn’t even exist.  The next had overpriced art, but Quaint ended up with a Art Nouveau style print of some classy looking lady drinking from a long straw.  That way people will know that Quaint is a fancy lady who only drinks from long straws.

Having exhausted our local options we settled down for lunch at a small diner on US Route 340. The atmosphere was quaint.  Walls covered in Redskins memorabilia.  A friendly, heavyset waitress.  Toothless locals sitting on stools at the counter.

As we were leaving Quaint noticed an advertisement on the cork board by the entrance.  GIRL SCOUT BOOK SALE.  The advertisement intimated heavily that this was its last weekend.

The Girl Scouts of America had been given a storefront from which to run their operation.  Hardbacks for $1.  Paperbacks for .50 cents.  Oh yes, we thought.  OH yes. We came away with around seventeen books.  Lots of first editions from the 1930’s and 40’s.  Some really neat Korean language books of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.

My personal favorite of the is R.v.R. by Hendrik Willem Van Loon.  Here's the full title of the book:

Yikes...this man has a way with words!


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