Monday, March 19, 2012

A Titular Title

I was reading Tom Sawyer one day during my third grade year.  It was spring.  Bright, wet and humid.  Billions of gnats clouded the air with their fleeting lives.  I was curled up in a corner of the living room reading.

“Go outside,” my mother said.  “It’s a beautiful day and you shouldn’t just be sitting inside reading.”

Sure, because there’s nothing nicer than having gnats trying to swim their way in to my tear ducts by the thousands.  But I went outside.  My autonomy was somewhat limited as an 8 year old.  After a while my mother came to check on me.  “No!” she cried, “I wanted you to play, not sit on the porch reading!”

And then there were 20 or so years after that where I read a lot of books, went to a lot of school and had a lot of jobs.

I’ve worked for video game stores, book stores, financial companies, warehouses, software developers, video rental stores (remember those things?), and department stores.  I’ve never had a job I liked.  Working for myself at least cuts out the middle-man.  I can make myself miserable better than any boss or monolithic corporation!

So we'll see what happens.  Quaint has the enthusiasm, the brains, the looks, the energy, the drive to succeed and the dream...whereas I have a Siberian Husky.

He's not as smart as he looks

We obviously make a good team.


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